Building a business : The Library On Cart case study part 1

Wrapd, rent a party dress, was born when being an entrepreneur was so gauche. So unenviable ?
Today being an entrepreneur is the ticket to being cool. Everyone is one or thinking of being one.
I see a new enterprise being born everyday and an old one die.
People younger, smarter, more hard working, more intelligent, more gifted than me are falling by the wayside. I feel sorry. It’s heart breaking to see so much effort go waste. Failure hurts,  hurts badly.
So I thought why not pen the Library on cart story as it unfolds.
So many trials and tribulations of Wrapd-rent a party dress, story have been forgotten that even if I write it, it’ll be an incomplete story.
So here, for anyone interested in knowing how to build a successful business, is the Library on cart story. Are we successful? No. We’ve just started ?
Therein lies the first requirement of building a business ? You’re delusional and optimistic ?

Come, join us on this trek. The word has been chosen over journey, for journeys are comfortable, enjoyable, whereas building a business is more like a trek. Drawing on reserves of stamina, will power and sheer grit to go on till you reach your destination. The destination maybe a hill top, mountain peak or the unending coastline but the underlying connotation in a trek is always of a long journey testing the limitations of one’s body and mind.
There are aching limbs, bone deep tiredness and the thrill you did it. That thrill is not of jumping up kinds. It’s falling to the ground in sheer exhaustion and looking at the wondrous sky above you ?
So welcome aboard. Let’s start walking.

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