About Us

Wrapd is everyone’s ultimate wardrobe. Where you are spoilt for choice. Where you can have a brand new look at every occasion. Where looking fabulous is easy, economical and hassle-free!

Who We Are

In 2009 Wrapd put up a board saying – Rent a Party Dress. Everything was wrong about Rent a Party dDress. Hidden away in the recesses of Patel Nagar, the location was awful. Patel Nagar was not even a recognised market area! The inventory was minuscule. The idea ahead of its time.
What was right about it? The idea. The belief in the idea. The concept.
Business above all is not about money but about service. Money is a by product of rendering that service. In the words of a wise man- Profit is the applause for a job well done. Wrapd decided to go for a standing ovation. We grew from obscure Patel Nagar to Lajpat Nagar to Laxmi Nagar and then planted our flag, oops, button at Hyderabad. Its 2018 now, and our physical presence is in 4 states across 6 branches. The journey has just begun 🙂

Our Team

The soul is God –  His work is to send the right people and create the right opportunities for Wrapd 🙂 Sometimes he gets lazy and doesn’t submit his work on time. Sometimes he gets confused and sends wrong people and then sits about correcting his mistakes.
Heart is Neeraj Wadhera  the person through whom largely the ideas ( both brilliant and stupid 🙂  )flow.
Head is Vaidika Wadhera , the person who processes the ideas and puts systems in place to execute these ideas.
The 5 sense organs. Our Front Office staff. They perceive the customers needs and communicate to the management.
The arms – our Backend staff. Our Masters. They execute what the customers want and what the management imagines.
The legs- our Customers. As long as the customers exist Wrapd stands. They are the ones who are taking us places.
The trunk-Our legal, accounts, photography teams who keep all the above joined together in one cohesive body.