Building a business : The Library On Cart case study : Chapter 2 Eloor


Eloor library announces closure. I shed tears. Copious tears. It’s not a figure of speech it’s literally…. I ..Shed…Tears. I’m so upset. After so much of difficulty I had found a library which was lending almost current books and now it was closing!
My house was 20 kms from Eloor yet I was a member. Such was my need. And it was closing!
How could you! I howl, I cry, I beg, I beseech. I beseech to this extent that the librarian arranges a meeting for me with Mr. Gautam the owner 🙂 and I propose I’ll run it. Give me a year’s time. We exchange some mails. He’s looking for an idea to save Eloor but it doesn’t happen. He doesn’t know me. He can’t trust me 🙁
I invite people to start a library but no one believes in it. My hands are full with Wrapd. I can’t afford full time and renting a shop is idea killing in Delhi. I need space.
I see my friends with beautifully done up drawing rooms…… lying vacant. Hardly used.
I see my friends with beautiful stretches of time on their hands which they’re trying to fill with shopping, luncheon and TV and invite them to open a library with me but no one believes me.
I can see space and time but I can not harness them. It’s not cool to do this you see ?
I move on with Wrapd.
I keep searching for a library. I find none. I start buying books again. I want to read more. I can’t. Although I have the money I don’t want to spare so much money or space to store books.

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