Whatever the world may say, the truth is, they’re visible :0 You have been taught wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ The world around you is someone’s thoughts made visible.

6 April we return to Delhi and our invisible, intangible thoughts begin their journey to becoming visible, tangible, viewable reality.
By 13th we’ve finalized the name. Got the domain name. Concrete work begins. It’s all very easy. It’s not stretching anyone. We all are in our comfort zone. We joke. We laugh. We argue.

Anubhav finds out, friends of books, an online library is closing and selling their stock ๐Ÿ™‚
There’s just no contact number! We want to meet. We intend buying the whole lot in little less than a lakh. We must keep some money for cart. Then salary. Then reserve.
Finally Anubhav manages to trace his number somehow. We’re losing time. We call for a meeting and reach East Delhi at 8:30 in the night. Wrong time but what to do.
We talk. Make our offer. He refuses. I’m crestfallen. Where will we get selected library 8500 books in one go? He says they may not be 8500.
No problem. We’ll take as many
He says maybe 7000.
No problem
Price ?
Around 2!
We can’t.
We plead, try, raise our budget to 1.2 to no avail.
How will we sort 7000 titles at Daryaganj:/
It’s going to take days !

We ask him why he started, how he started, why he’s closing etc etc. Like eager beavers we want every morsel of news. During the course of the conversation he remarks you can get cheap books from a container. It’s just a remark. Nothing else then. We ask for a way to reach the container. Uh huh no help ๐Ÿ™
We return. We’ve no books. No cart.
We plan going to Daryaganj to buy second hand books this Sunday. We’re running short of time now.

Before Sunday somebody in Anubhav’s office buys books. Gives a card to Anubhav that says whole sellers. Anubhav calls. They’re container people ๐Ÿ™‚
We can’t believe it.
For some reason Anubhav takes a work from home with a call at 3.
I am moving as per my schedule to Laxmi Nagar when 2 stations before he calls and says container guy is saying come right now to GT karnal road :0
I reach Laxmi Nagar. It’s 10:45 already. I stay for 5 minutes. Catch the metro back. Anubhav picks me from Kirti Nagar metro station and we reach God forsaken part of the world and voilร  there are our books.
We hope to bargain. We fail :0
We trust the container man and take what’s on offer.
The cart is procured from Jama Masjid on 25th I think. We go for the cheapest one we can get. Order tubeless tyres for we don’t want issues. 3 lakhs has to last us 2 years! A man has to be located to man the cart and paid for one year. We’re not closing before one year, need to conserve resources. We intend opening on 1st May. Schools closing 10th so want to test all tech before.
The cart reaches Prasoon’s contact. He’ll do the fittings.
The cart designing takes time. Instead of allotted 4 days it stretches to 7 days. Then Sunday. They won’t deliver. Then Monday we can’t take delivery. We’re closed. No manpower. So we go for Tuesday. We’ve already crossed 1st May ๐Ÿ™

The cart is here
The books are here
The man is here
We’re ready to roll ๐Ÿ™‚
Simple. Not much effort required. Anyone could have succeeded.
No. Not really.
Abhi toh party shuru hui hain ?


My daughter, Vasudha, gifts me Kindle ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy it. It solves my space problem but not my money problem. I also miss magazines, comics, sharing and the economic viability and variety of library and of course colour. The colour Kindle doesn’t make economic sense to me. Even black and white doesn’t for it required an initial investment of 6000/. I would have bought so many books with it. 6000/ is a huge reading fee. Even with free books!
Furthermore I can’t request books I want to read from Kindle. I have to buy them.
Eloor why did you close ๐Ÿ™
I need you
I want to read books
Not own them

Wrapd, rent a party dress, was born when being an entrepreneur was so gauche. So unenviable ?
Today being an entrepreneur is the ticket to being cool. Everyone is one or thinking of being one.
I see a new enterprise being born everyday and an old one die.
People younger, smarter, more hard working, more intelligent, more gifted than me are falling by the wayside. I feel sorry. Itโ€™s heart breaking to see so much effort go waste. Failure hurts,ย  hurts badly.
So I thought why not pen the Library on cart story as it unfolds.
So many trials and tribulations of Wrapd-rent a party dress, story have been forgotten that even if I write it, itโ€™ll be an incomplete story.
So here, for anyone interested in knowing how to build a successful business, is the Library on cart story. Are we successful? No. Weโ€™ve just started ?
Therein lies the first requirement of building a business ? Youโ€™re delusional and optimistic ?

Come, join us on this trek. The word has been chosen over journey, for journeys are comfortable, enjoyable, whereas building a business is more like a trek. Drawing on reserves of stamina, will power and sheer grit to go on till you reach your destination. The destination maybe a hill top, mountain peak or the unending coastline but the underlying connotation in a trek is always of a long journey testing the limitations of oneโ€™s body and mind.
There are aching limbs, bone deep tiredness and the thrill you did it. That thrill is not of jumping up kinds. Itโ€™s falling to the ground in sheer exhaustion and looking at the wondrous sky above you ?
So welcome aboard. Letโ€™s start walking.

Fashion is a reviled word. It has connotations of vanity and frivolity to it. That is not the truth. Fashion is not just a noun. Fashion is a verb too. To fashion is to make. To make is to imagine. When you decide to make something let’s say a dish you’ll either copy a recipe or create one. To copy is not to make. To create is to fashion. It requires imagination. A rethinking of the old in a new way. Sometimes it turns out beautiful some times ugly. When that new way whether beautiful or ugly gets copied on a mass scale it becomes a trend. Then it is ‘”in fashion”. That actually is a wrong usage. It is in trend.

And surprise, surprise did you ever notice fashion for all its assumed and attached inferior and pretentious elements is a basic human need ! Don’t believe us at Wrapd ?

Watch. Look carefully. After food, clothing and shelter to make something is a basic survival tool, a need, a want. It is almost as if human beings are driven to beautify the world around themselves.

All literature is an attempt to convey thoughts in various beautiful ways. All poetry, music, architecture are manifestations of this need. We keep imagining and re-imagining the world we live in. The houses we live in, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the philosophies we live by. We keep making and remaking them, fashioning in more beautiful, more useful or uglier ways ๐Ÿ™‚

To feel good, look good is not limited to a human mind. Animals keep preening themselves too. Wrapd believes human beings were meant to be in sync with nature. We were fashioned to be so ๐Ÿ™‚ If we are designed so why not accept it and have fun with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Presenting Wrapd, not just a vanity store but an intellectual approach to the world of looking good and feeling good ๐Ÿ™‚ Wrapd – Where you can keep re-imagining your style, keep experimenting with your attires and colour palettes without a care. For you see you don’t have to store the outfit not spend big bucks. You just rent it, have fun and return it.

Have fun imagining a new you ๐Ÿ™‚

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