bridal lehnga on rent

Bridal lehenga shopping is the most important part of the wedding planning. You may be a fashion connoisseur with a specific taste and sense of style, or the one who goes weak on knees for Zari. If you are perplexed with the choice of options available for you, then we have got you covered with the tips and tricks to get the right bridal lehenga on rent. We must first address the elephant in the room, why buy lehenga on rent? Firstly, renting helps you save money, you can save some bucks by not spending extravagantly on a dress merely. Enjoy your special day without feeling guilty about the expenses that could have been avoided. Here are a few tips you must keep in mind before getting that gorgeous lehenga on rent for your D-day:

    • It’s all in the print – The terms and conditions must be clear to you before you zero in on any wedding couture. This might seem like a task, but a little care prior to making any deal will save you from any mishaps later. The terms must clearly mention the delivery process, online portal or retail whichever option it maybe the pickup and drop instructions must be mentioned clearly. The terms and conditions must also clearly define the duration for rent. The rental companies usually have a fixed duration allotted as the rent tenure. Ask the duration clearly.
    • The perfect fit can make it a miss or a hit – It is an impeccably important piece of outfit and companies must have local retail shop to help you get it fitted as per your choice. Draping the outfit is a whole different story, and demands expert supervision. Ensure you have gotten all the bridal fitting sessions being taken care of prior the nuptials.
    • Hygiene is equally important – Before you sign up for the wedding lehenga on rent, you must assess their cleaning process. Check and enquire if the outfits have been treated well. The clothes must be disinfected before they reach you. Assess the condition of the outfit well for any tears, burns, or any other handling issue.

Keeping in mind the necessary pointers you will be able to zero in the right lehenga rental arrangement for you. But keep in mind, everything is being done so that you feel special, extravagant, and everything good on your special day. So dazzle that effervescent smile of yours, wear your beautiful outfit and rule the day.

Nothing can beat the bliss we feel when we happen to get a wedding invite, right? Weddings are all about celebration, fun, and also a perfect time to put on your best dress to nail your look at the event. How can forget to mention the slap of confusions and dilemma when it comes to choosing what to wear? You can always seek help or guidance from a friend but that is not always a case. So to make it easy for you, we have well-curated 5 trends that you can follow to flaunt your glam side…


  1. A Printed Crepe Kurta with Palazzo: Since palazzos are in trend, you can nail your look without compromising with comfort. You can wear a printed crepe kurta in a bright and vibrant color pair it with a palazzo and voila! You are ready to slay your look at the wedding. Palazzo doesn’t restrict one from dancing all night long and also, their breathable fabric will keep you away from sweat and irritation. You can choose colors such as blue, pink, or crème-ish shade.
  2. Floral Ethnic Set: Imagine a sheer fabric kurta that has a floral print on it and pair it with a crushed fabric maxi dress or a long ethnic skirt that has a golden hem. The sheer fabric brings an elegant look that will draw everyone’s eye to you. Such an outfit will keep you fresh and upbeat in the summer heat.
  3. Put on an Embroidered Pink Kurta: You can put on cotton blended sequin embroidered kurta with a palazzo and put on a mesh dupatta. Imagine such a suit in a pastel color. A perfect dress to wear it to a summer wedding party. This particular dress-up can be preferred by those who don’t like too much of fancy or flashy clothes for a summer wedding.
  4. Afghani Suit: For Men! In case you are looking forward to flaunting your biceps for you have worked so hard at the gym and wearing a suit might hide them and also can increase the body heat. Well, an Afghani suit can be just the right thing as it is trendy and comfortable and you can easily show off your biceps. Feel free to experiment with different shades and colors and drape a dupatta for an ethnic effect.
  5. Designer Kurta Pajama: Also for men! Since you don’t want to upstage your friend (the groom) nor you would like to be drenched in sweat, so ditching a heavy worked sherwani will be a wise decision. Prefer wearing a designer cotton based kurta with a pajama and voila! You are ready to go and enjoy your best-friend’s wedding day. Play around with different colors and put on some shades if it’s a day wedding.

At Wrapd, we offer you plethora of choices that range from western to ethnic. Visit our ethnic & western collections  and explore a variety of designer outfits at a great deal…


With the changing fashion trends and craze every now and then, it is impossible to keep ourselves updated and spend our money on each and every style postings. Designer clothes are candy to eye balls but can sometimes bring us down in terms of budget and price line.


We are constantly introduced to latest inclinations and chic styles and are allured to buy them. But spending our hard earned bucks every time is not a smart way. We live in a digital age where calculators, calendars, alarm clocks have been replaced by a single functioning unit – Smart Phones.

With wedding season around the corner, market place is flooded with customers looking for designer apparels and wedding clothing. These clothing are quite expensive and are worn just on the special day. So why do we need to block huge bucks on clothes that will be trashed in the back of the closets.

People are growing smart these days and are opting for rental clothes and dresses. This not only saves money but we don’t need to compromise on fashion by wearing same clothes every time. Rental stores are offering ethnic and western wear for both men and women for all occasions.

Wrapd is your fool proof solution for your entire fashion crisis. Be it a wedding, office party or a cocktail night, we have it all sorted. We offer lehengas, sarees, evening gowns, tuxedos and sherwani on rent at affordable prices. Our collection is breath- taking and you can trace us easily in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Jaipur. Contact us at 9778-101-102 or reach us at –

We strongly sympathise with every girl’s efforts to look flawlessly perfect in a designer lehenga. If you are the one shedding extra Kilos in a gym and only living on salad/fruit diet, chill girls! we have come up with some of the best life-saving tips to help you look super gorgeous in a lehenga this wedding season without worrying about your body shape.

Lehenga Shape be Like

Ditch body-fitting mermaid lehengas and go with an A-line lehenga to flaunt your slim back without drawing focus to your wide bottom.

Say No to Short Sleeves

Short sleeves and deep neckline are a big No! No! Go for quarter sleeved or full-sleeve blouses to get lean arms.

Lighter the Better

A lehenga with heavy embellishments make you look bulky by adding volume to your entire body frame, Choose a lehenga with narrow borders and light work to flaunt your curves beautifully.

Stick to Dark Shades

Dark colours provide the illusion of a lean look hence stick to dark hues such as navy, maroon and black to do away with your problem areas. Pastel colours will only end up spoiling your look.

Avoid Satin

Satin and velvet are body-hugging fabrics and hence should be avoided at all costs. Instead, opt for flowing fabrics such as silk-blends and chiffon for an elegant appearance.

A feasible option to look classy this wedding season without spending huge money is to rent lehenga from Wrapd. We have a massive collection of ethnic wear for both men and women and you can rent shewani or lehenga at surprisingly low market prices.

A lehenga is the perfect attire to style at your friend’s wedding but the task of finding the perfect lehenga is a big one. Both bride and bridesmaids can rock lehenga on a wedding as infinite varieties and designs are available in market of this traditional apparel. Comprising of an ankle length skirt, a veil and a bodice called choli, a lehenga is the right pick for an elegant feminine look in an Indian wedding.


You can get a lehenga on rent in Delhi online easily from Wrapd. We have our showrooms in Lajpat Nagar, Patel Nagar and Laxmi Nagar, making your dream of renting a chic lehenga a piece of cake. Wrapd provides you option to rent lehenga in Jaipur, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and various other metropolitan cities of India. But finding a classy lehenga from our wide assortment of ethnic and Indo-western lehenga designs can be quite confusing for you. Here are a few tips for your help:

  • Keep your body shape in mind and only go for a lehenga that perfectly flaunts your curves.
  • Slender girls can go for a mermaid lehenga while chubby girls can opt for an A-line lehenga.
  • Don’t go for heavy embroidered lehengas if you are looking for a subtle feminine look.
  • Choose fabrics such as chiffon, velvet, net and silk for a royal and luxurious appearance.
  • Shape of the choli matters a lot too. Sleeveless cholis with dori designs at back will make you look scintillating.

Talk to Wrapd designers for any tip on getting a lehenga on rent. Fill our enquiry form or give a call on 9778-101-102 for any questions or suggestions.



Are we capable of making LOC the biggest library of India? If not the world:)

It’s what you believe. If you think you can, you can. Nothing will stop you. No problem. For you think you can build it, you can solve this problem
If you think you can’t you won’t. An x problem will stop you because you’ll think you can’t solve it. An x problem will take you higher because you thought let me try to solve it and you tried and tried and tried to solve it and eventually did.
Either way you’ll be right.
It’s what you believe YOU are capable of.

Will LOC make it big
No idea

Will LOC try
With me at helm ?You bet it will?

Will LOC give up
Not till my last breath

Teams which have the conviction that their idea is good, helps people, make it. They will die to prove it. Since nobody wants to die they’ll think of outlandish, audacious, unimaginable ways, ways beyond the normal like marketing is Wrapd’s earning tool ??

Who has ever thought of earning money through their marketing. Convention is – People spend money on marketing.
Wrapd has 🙂

Teams that make it have conviction, faith, resourcefulness, character, teamwork, dedication to show up everyday, fearlessly make mistakes, shamelessly accept mistakes, yet are so ashamed that they never repeat them, accept they’re imperfect and foolish yet keep moving, are indefatigable, kind and generous to other members but ruthless and merciless with their own self, holding themselves to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and accountability, are transparent……… and have numbers 🙂

Why teams of individually brilliant people don’t make it?
Because team members don’t need to be brilliant but dependable !
Even if one member can’t keep his word the whole was not accountable and honest. You are not dependable. You haven’t made the cut. It’s all about character and not about numbers :0

In the simplest of terms each team member is an ordinary being with extra ordinary dependability. You know they have given their best. They may fail but they didn’t want to fail the team. They tried, tried their best. That’s all it takes to succeed. Just that. Isn’t it amazing! How simple. How difficult.
And the day they lose their faith in the dependability, integrity of the other is the day the team falls apart.

Best of luck team LOC
Best of luck team Wrapd

I’m an average person. Neither very pretty nor very ugly. Neither very intelligent nor very dumb. I’m just a 54% holder. Anubhav are you higher or lower than me 🙂 Rest all are higher 🙁 Hope you are lower 😉

Neither very hard-working nor very lazy. Just an average person.
Like an average Indian family I’ve 2 kids. 2 daughters.
The more I live the more I realize that there are no limits to a human body or mind.
Before I got married. I could not cook. I worked as a school teacher I used to come back from work and be so tired of that 7-2 job that I would not do anything else. You see I had already done my job. 7-2. The running of the house was my mother’s job. I helped. It was not my job. If an x thing wasn’t done it wasn’t done. It was my mother’s responsibility.
Number of hours in a day 24
Job profile
1.A teacher
2.A daughter
3.A sister
4. Friend

If I’ve to read a book i have time
If I’ve to clean my room I’m short of time. I don’t get enough time to sleep:/

Then I got married. After 2 months of marriage I took up a job again. I saw no point in sitting at home doing dusting when it took only half an hour. Why waste life ? Why grow bored ? Limited TV hours. It wasn’t 24 by 7 types. No WhatsApp 🙂 erratic electricity hours …. Normal life 🙂
Number of hours in a day 24
So now I am a teacher
1.A wife
2.A daughter in law
3.A sister in law
4.A daughter
5.A sister
Work load has increased

I’m happy. Enjoying life
If I’ve to socialize I’ve time
If I’ve to dust the room I’m short of time. Sleep time. Short supply :/

I become a mother
Number of hours in a day 24
Job profile
So now I am
1. A teacher??
2.A wife
3.A daughter in law
4.A sister in law
5.A daughter
6.A sister
Work load has increased

BTW nobody is teaching you how to be any of the above :0
You want to be a good wife/daughter in law/mother….. but how to be :0
You don’t want to be like your parents 🙂 you think they’re crappy :))
You don’t want to be like your in laws. No, definitely not 😉
How to be what you want to be :/ who’ll teach you :0
How you want to be…. is a figment of your imagination :0

I’m happy. Enjoying life
If I’ve to socialize and take my daughter to the library/park/parties I’ve time
If I’ve to dust the room it’s mostly done
I’m short of time. Sleep time ?. What’s that :0

One day I’m getting Vasudha home in an auto. She wants to sit next to the entry side. She dozes off. I don’t doze off, I sleep !
I realize I’m playing a dangerous game. Anything could have happened.

I give birth to my second daughter
Number of hours in a day 24
Job profile
1.I am a tuition teacher now?
2.A wife
3.A daughter in law
4.A sister in law
5.A daughter
6.A sister
8.A MOTHER to another child ?

Work load has increased

I’m happy. Enjoying life
If I’ve to socialize and take my daughters to the library/park/attend parties I’ve time ?
If I’ve to dust the house ?I do. The wardrobe is not organized though 🙂
Sleep time 7 hours minimum.???

I also start Wrapd.?
Number of hours in a day 24
The list 🙂
1.So now I am a tuition teacher?
2.A wife
3.A daughter in law
4.A sister in law
5.A daughter
6.A sister
8.A MOTHER to another child?

Then I start Wrapd LN ??and quit tuition ☕
I revive my friend circle.

Number of hours in a day 24

The list now reads 🙂
1. Friend
2.A wife
3.A daughter in law
4.A sister in law
5.A daughter
6.A sister
8.A MOTHER to a child giving 10th board exam?
10. WRAPD LN ??
The house ? is also dusted?
The wardrobe ??is organized?
Sleep time has increased to 8-9 hours?

And …. I start Wrapd LX too
Number of hours in a day 24

The big list now reads 🙂
2.A wife
3.A daughter in law
4.A sister in law
5.A daughter
6.A sister
8.A MOTHER to another child?
10. WRAPD LN ?
11. WRAPD LX ?
The entire house now runs like clockwork.
Sleep time ??8-9 hours?
I have FREE time ?

And now I start Wrapd Hyderabad?
Number of hours in a day 24
The big list now reads ?
2.A wife?
3.A daughter in law?
4.A sister in law?
5.A daughter?
6.A sister?
8.A MOTHER to a child giving 12th board exam ?
9. Wrapd PN ?
10. Wrapd LN ?
11. Wrapd LX ?
13. Wrapd Hyderabad??
Sleep time 8-9 🙂 ?
I have loads of time to SPARE 😕

And it’s Library on cart too now ?????
Number of hours in a day 24
Not writing the list now ??

Who knows what next ?
This is not bragging. These are facts. Everyone is doing this. Every mother, every father. The difference is they stop there. At mother/father stage. I’m moving forward. I wonder, If I can do so much how much more can I do?
Are there any limits? Or have we limited ourselves? Is time finite or infinite? What is my potential? I keep talking to my God/ inner conversation partner and keep debating. I’ve yet to find an answer. It’s become a game 🙂 I see there’s no reality, it’s all a perception.
Employee who see me sitting in the chair holding business meetings today in AC room/restaurant think I do nothing. They do everything. I’m overpaid. They’re right. I only oversee the smooth running of the operation.
Employee who saw me build Wrapd think I am underpaid for my efforts. I deserve every bit. They’re right too. I conceptualized. I staked my all with no certainty of results.
What is the truth? None. It’s your perception. We see a part. We CAN see only a part. The present. Neither the past. Nor the future. We base our truth on what we see. Not what is the truth. And what is the truth? What you saw… A part. Not the whole. :0
I am beginning to think it’s all a Maya jaal 🙂 I’ve become spiritual.
I am beginning to think there’s no end to a human mind’s capacity and capability to think, devise solutions, to be. We are what we imagine ourselves to be.
We all are what we are because we have chosen to be so. Not because we are so. We can be anything we want to be IF we want to be. Limits like fears are an illusion.
The caveat. You’ll not limit yourself by the conditioning of society and be willing to pay the price 🙂 You’ll not limit yourself by statements like aise nahi hota hai (Vasudha are you listening:) or yeh aise he hota hai. Rather you’ll just ask aise kyu nahi ho sakta 🙂 Is it possible? How can it be possible? How it can be made possible?

May we all discover what we are meant to be. Infinite.

Ritu you are going to hate me for this 🙁 The title itself is so bad.

Don’t feel bad. The evening installment will explain all. Have patience.( doosra jana joh end tak padega:) (aur Anubhav ka saath do:)

Number of Hyderabad members 10 + 18 daily members
Number of Delhi members 22 + 18 daily members

Difference in working hours
Reason for difference in working hours
Market size. Difference in market size if any
Was Hyderabad market not ready to receive LOC? (Reference is to klozee )
Or was LOC Hyderabad not ready for the market? (Reference is to Wrapd online. We’ll get it right this time:)
Could they have thought what Delhi thought?
Could they have done what Delhi was doing?
Why did they do what they did ?
Why did they not do what Delhi did ?
Social and economic price paid by Hyderabad?
Social and economic price paid by Delhi ?
Was it intelligence that was required to succeed or something else ?
Can people with ordinary intelligence make it or do you need extra ordinary people?
What is it that differentiates a wannapreneur from an entrepreneur?

The conclusion is yours to draw.

Not only SAIF partners but each one of you can now spot the next big what 🙂 and locate the reason why it’ll be big 🙂

The business plan review

Cost of books 8000/ fixed cost
Cost of cart 8000/ fixed cost
Cost of magazines 12000/ fixed for one year but include in running cost @ 1000/ per month
Cost of cart operator 8000/ month

Fixed cost per cart 16000/
Running cost 9000/ + 1000/ emergency (cart repair etc.)

Revenue 150 per member per month
Some daily users @10/ per book

To keep our heads above water we need
10000/150 we need 60 members per month. 30 offline 30 online

We’re clocking 1.5 a day approx from day one 🙂 if we work 2 shifts.
Working hours 6:30 – 8 morning
5- 7:30 evening
We should be able to cross it.
If we open for another 2 hours in PN market we can do better business 🙂
These hours are wrong:/
6:30-8 Rock garden
It has the same pool of people every day. Once members have been roped in it’s difficult to get new ones. 6:30 is very early. People start stopping by around 7.
5-7:30 East Patel Nagar is a better location. Hours should be 6-9.

Market has a very big pool of people in comparison. Every day the pool changes.

Next month if we manage to retain 50% of our 30 customers and add another 30 more offline we’re at 45 members in 2nd month 🙂 6750/ + some daily billing
By 3rd month we’re at break even offline. It can self support.
We’re viable I think
The offline module needs only 60 offline members to run. It has a limited pool of people. People living nearby. Potential is in Online. It will generate money by tapping all Delhi and NCR

Locating cart operator
No other

Possible solutions and scope of the idea
The carts are economically viable
They can solve job employment problem for at least a 1000 people if not more in Delhi alone.
There are more than a 1000 colonies in Delhi. Each has kids and elders who want to read. 60 members per colony is crumbs.
Actually our numbers are
6th – 21st May
We’ve 21 members in 16 days. 14 working days if we exclude Monday. 1.5 per day by that calculation. Currently I have no support. No background, no word of mouth, no advertisement.

We should cross 30 in the first month. Eventually more. By second month 45. Online membership can give us 30 at least! Like Wrapd online LOC online will be free of cost. Offline will pick the bill of rent and staff.
As word spreads if we can clock 3 bills a day we’ve
30 *150=4500/ extra revenue.
If we open 1000 carts
4500*1000 is…………. 🙂 per month

Another idea is to run these carts in societies and RWA
They pay 20000/ refundable security deposit
They give us 5000/ per month fixed for giving them the library with latest books and magazines. That’s it.
They just have to make 35 members to recover cost. Any above is theirs to keep. The guard can man the cart. No manpower requirement.
Win 🙂
If this works
5000*1000 RWA = :0 per month. Anubhav you can go to Spain 🙂 Ritu you can buy your plot 😉
It won’t happen easily but it is doable.
This is the ultimate business module in my eyes.
We’ve bypassed rent expense
Manpower expense
And investment in a way. 20000/ refundable security can set up the cart.

Nobody can run a library in 5000 per month.
We can keep rotating the inventory. Every month 30%, 40%, 50%….changed 🙂 Whatever we decide.
Each RWA will have let’s say 1000 books at any given time. If they’ve a need for more because the idea is popular they can take a second membership at 20000/ security+ 5000/. Or we can go for some bundled program. These are minor issues. Can be sorted.

Another idea is to run this service for schools. Since our carts are mobile they can cater to so many people. 8-5 carts are lying idle. Neighbourhood schools can share the cart. Reduces spending on individual libraries.
It’s a highly useable idea. We’re limiting ourselves by limiting our imagination. It can do whatever we imagine it to 🙂

Anubhav will integrate all carts into one humongous library. The idea can be copy pasted easily all over India 🙂
One can access any book on any cart in one city.
You can return any book at any cart in one city. Travellers in another city too 🙂
Payment can be made by card paytm or cash
To encourage entrepreneurship of employees revenue sharing can be done

Why don’t we solve the cart man problem by housing it in a shop?
The USP is ease of access and visibility
Low operational cost. Rent will kill the idea. 5/ a day will become unviable.

Why don’t we solve the cart man problem by tying with NGOs?
That’s what I’m going to try next. I’ve my figures.
Your figures can’t be generated by someone else. You’ll give your all. No one else will. You’ll have to do the ground work. No one else can.

Conversation between Anubhav and Neeraj
N: If we succeed we’ll copy paste the idea all over Delhi 🙂
Kya karna hai? Ek cart pur he toh kaam karna hai
A: Ha karna he padega. Jaldi. Entry barrier bahut low hai
N: Nahi. Entry barrier bahut bada hai.

He’s looking at the money cost
I’m looking at social cost
Success is yours for taking if you are willing to pay the price.

PS to Vasudha
Do we make the cut and get a call from SAIF partners Vasudha :)))))
If you are tech focused so are we :))))) All our carts are tech enabled ? Carts are the warehouse for our online store


3rd day of operation
The cart man has quit ! Now what!
Our 4 customers will think we’ve run away with the money. It’s not about 150/ it’s about trust.
Gautam our tailor steps in. Just 18. He man’s up.

Everyday the owner of Wrapd and its tailor master cart the load 1.5 kms and back. And are over the moon! They’re clocking 2 bills a day.
What a feat 🙂
Monday closed.
A much needed break from LOC. I’m begging everyone for a guy to push the cart/thela. In a population of over 5 lakh people I can’t find one. No one is ready. I’ve asked my garbage collector, my maid, my guard, my iron man (presswala:) everyone. Even people I don’t know.
The job is simple. Push the cart every morning at 6:30 from 22/87 to Rock garden, we want to try the morning park rush, a distance of 400 odd meters and back at 8:30. No selling. Nothing. Just sit. Only to and fro. The cart is not heavy. No one is ready even at 2000/
Who says poverty exists ! There’s none. It’s self inflicted.


It’s 10th May. Our former driver is in need of work. I’ve no need of one. I ask him to man the cart/thela morning hours. 6-8 and then evening hours at East. He doesn’t want to come so early ! Hey, you need the money right? I’m not willing to compromise. We’re managing evening at East very well. Heat, noise, dust discomfort remains but it’s not overwhelming. It’s mornings at Rock garden we want to open. Finally he says yes.
I’m wondering why people don’t want to lead a better life. Money can solve so many issues. Earning money will need effort right? It’s not going to happen by itself. Poverty like richness is self created. Not inherited :0


Narendar turns up. We start Rock garden operation. We generate great response and again bill. 2 members again 🙂 We’re now at 8 members. 2 a day. Our target is 60 for the whole month. We’re on track.
Idea is acceptable. Pricing is viable for self sustaining. Need exists 🙂
Let’s pop the bubbly 🙂

Let’s not :/
Narendar doesn’t turn up. I’ve no staff to help me out. I have already billed twice. I’m answerable to them. Back to the same problem. It’s not 150/ issue. It’s a matter of trust. I’ve to show up.
How will I push the cart? I try. It doesn’t look feasible to me. Hmmm. There has to be a way out. There is

I turn up with the library but without the cart 🙂 I take the books in a rickshaw 🙂
People look at this oddity viz me 🙂
Well dressed, obviously well off, why in this state?
Even I’m wondering the same. What drives me? Why am I doing it? Why am I subjecting myself to it? It’s not as if there’s great money in it. Libraries all over the world are closing. What makes us think we’ll succeed ? We’re billing 2 a day no doubt but that’s not going to make us rich. No, not at all. We may just have to close. We’re testing the idea. The worst aspect of the job, cart management is mine. Ritu is operating in her colony only. I’m on the road. Anubhav is behind the scenes. So much headache for what?

All start ups require dog’s work be done. Are you willing to do it? If yes, you have a chance. If no, don’t even try. It’s an integral part of starting up.

Blind faith in team
Your self respect will be at stake. Keep your self worth.
No excuses accepted. Deliver work. Period.
Do Dog’s work

PS Evenings at East are smooth sailing.

We find a guy. Subah 🙂
Hur raat ki subah hai 🙂

We log in two bills again 🙂 morning shift
Evening shift Gautam and I log 3 🙂
A peaceful day.

Iss raat ki subah nahi 🙁
Subah doesn’t turn up. :0
I don’t want to do the basket display it’s not customer friendly. Involves bending.
I ask everyone even the guard, who’s been no help before, to provide help. He gives me a guy with immediate effect 🙂 Hallelujah. I’m down on my knees thanking God.
He’ll leave the cart at 6 and go wash cars. I’ll manage the cart and at 8 he’ll come and cart it back. We agree on a sum of 1500/ for this service.
I made it today also 🙂

Everyday there’s a problem.
I’ve become this panda :0 Climb, balan


My daughter is leaving for Bangalore today. She’s joining SAIF partners for 2 years. Her flight is at 9:20. She’ll leave at 7. I want to spend as much time as I can with her. 2 years! 2 long years of not seeing her everyday. I have to report at the cart which will only generate 2 bills at best. 300 Rs.
I report at the cart. Repeat. It’s not money. It’s trust. Show up. At all costs. Or better not enter these haloed portals of entrepreneurship.
She visits me at 7:10 at the cart to say bye.
We cried. At the cart. Our luxury was 2 hugs some tears.

Why? Why God/inner conversation partner why am I doing this?
For all this effort and heartache I billed ….10/
Is it, forget good, a balanced trade off :0 ?

Be ready to pay huge emotional costs. You’ll need a big heart to contain it all