Building a business : The Library On Cart case study : Chapter 4 Anubhav

Who is Anubhav?
He’s a guy who works at Accenture.
He’s a guy who dreams of starting his own business
He’s a guy who has tried thrice and I won’t use the word failed let’s say not been successful
He’s not a school topper πŸ™‚ No. Definitely not. You better not ask for his report card
He with his friends come up with the idea of starting Rentgali.
They approach Wrapd. You see Wrapd rents out party wear. Sherwani, lehenga, gowns, Indo Western, you name it we’ve it πŸ™‚ There are others but we’re the only one who have a decent website. Thank you Vasudha and Anunay:) We’re innovative. Not driven by money but by a dream with an eye at the bottom line. Open to exploring ideas.
They want to collaborate.
We’ve a meeting. Out of team of 4 three turn up.
Rentgali is going to fail πŸ˜‰ Commitment is missing

During the meeting I come to know one member is going to pursue MBA πŸ™‚
Rentgali is definitely going to fail πŸ˜€

But I could be wrong
We have been wanting to go online but I’ve no tech know how, so I say, ” Ok we’ll collaborate. But tell me hum kiske gurdan pakde if things go wrong? One is not present, one’s going to pursue MBA, who’s our go to man ?”
And this quiet fellow sitting opposite me, twirling his moustache for want of better things to do says softly “Aap meri gurdan pakkdo.”
I look at him and ask just one question, “Tell me what’s your role in the team?”
Tech is the answer.
Hallelujah! Pray to the sweet Lord above, Wrapd has found its tech guy.
I say yes we’ll collaborate knowing fully well Rentgali is going to fail πŸ™‚
Rentgali fails πŸ™‚
Anubhav joins Wrapd on a trial basis of one year. He’ll manage tech side, website, AdWords, social media etc of Wrapd and double sale. He’ll get 10% of Wrapd. Free hand to do whatever he wants. Just deliver results. Results out on 31st March

31st March
He fails ! Sale is down by good 30% :0
What to do? He’s very upset. I’m more upset than he is.
He doesn’t want to fail.
He can’t keep putting his team together again and again.
I don’t want HIM to fail.
At my age I can’t access tech people easily. They’re all young. I’m 52! I’m not cool enough to collaborate with.
I can pay and get software made but that doesn’t solve my continuous tech problems. Renting is a nascent business and needs continuous support. We need tech support.
He needs a business idea to use his tech.
I need tech to smoothen the running of my business idea.
Although I hold the upper hand, you see tech can be learnt or employed, business ideas have to be thought, we are both desperate people.
We both get along surprisingly well despite differences of age, gender and attitude. He’s laid back, calm, I’m the go getter, hyper. He’s a Goel , I’m a Wadhera. He’s a baniya. Cautious, risk averse. I’m Punjabi. Risk oriented and fearless. He’s quiet. I am a motor mouth.
He finds me strange and funny. If he found me strange and weird it would have been the deal breaker. For all path breakers are strange.
His finding me funny allows me to be strange. The path breaker. Funny is positive. Weird is negative. It would have made me conform. It would have confined my strangeness. My ability to do the strange. Things beyond the realm of normal. If you are trying to build something new, you are by default and definition strange. Only the strange is new, the norm is never strange.
Last he trusts me blindly. I trust him blindly. We’ve our unwritten, unspoken mafia code πŸ™‚
Thou shall not betray
Thou shall try your best
Thou shall guard the other’s interest to the best of your ability…..
BTW we’ve known each other for less than a year πŸ™‚ and it was a chance meeting !
Indeed we are strange πŸ™‚
My partner in crime πŸ™‚ Anubhav

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