Building a business : The Library On Cart case study : Chapter 5 Wrapd Sale

Wrapd Sale is down 30%. This is not acceptable. We’ll be out of business soon at this rate.
Anubhav can’t fail.
Neeraj can’t fail. Around 12 families directly depend on Wrapd for food. This is not on.
Competition is biting at our toes. What to do? Where are we going wrong? What has changed so much since Anubhav took over ? What can be the cause?
We’ve no idea. We look, we analyse, we think, we can’t come up with one convincing cause.
We decide we need to advertise.
We decide to use auto advertisement.
We get the ads printed.
We realise we can’t go around requesting autowallas to paste our ads. That’s too time consuming so we find a guy who’ll coordinate the ad pasting on autos. I bump into him many times when I travel by auto. He lives nearby. He takes us for a ride 🙁
In short he takes money he doesn’t deliver.
Further loss 🙁
We need to control our ad pasting
We have entered lean season. April is our last busy month. There’s not much work after this.
Anubhav and his excel sheets have managed to organize a lot of work. So work is lesser still. A lot of processes have become streamlined or are in the pipeline. Wrapd is ready for handover.
The road has been dug and levelled in a way. It’s bumpy no doubt, sale after all is down, but it’s not as if the road laying is wrong. Anubhav wants 10%. He works one day a week officially at Wrapd. Unofficially probably round the clock:) He’s trying to get his business idea off the ground on Wrapd that too without spending his money only the consultant fee we give him. Not a bad deal at all.
I want to pass my headache. For 10% not a bad deal 🙂 We’re as it is entering process driven stage of business and that’s his play field. Not mine. I like to think, innovate, challenge……

For an idea to succeed all parties involved must benefit. The sum must be greater than the parts.
My mind starts toying with new ideas.

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