Building a business : The Library On Cart case study : Chapter 13 Difference between wannapreneur and entrepreneur

Ritu you are going to hate me for this 🙁 The title itself is so bad.

Don’t feel bad. The evening installment will explain all. Have patience.( doosra jana joh end tak padega:) (aur Anubhav ka saath do:)

Number of Hyderabad members 10 + 18 daily members
Number of Delhi members 22 + 18 daily members

Difference in working hours
Reason for difference in working hours
Market size. Difference in market size if any
Was Hyderabad market not ready to receive LOC? (Reference is to klozee )
Or was LOC Hyderabad not ready for the market? (Reference is to Wrapd online. We’ll get it right this time:)
Could they have thought what Delhi thought?
Could they have done what Delhi was doing?
Why did they do what they did ?
Why did they not do what Delhi did ?
Social and economic price paid by Hyderabad?
Social and economic price paid by Delhi ?
Was it intelligence that was required to succeed or something else ?
Can people with ordinary intelligence make it or do you need extra ordinary people?
What is it that differentiates a wannapreneur from an entrepreneur?

The conclusion is yours to draw.

Not only SAIF partners but each one of you can now spot the next big what 🙂 and locate the reason why it’ll be big 🙂

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