Building a business : The Library On Cart case study : Chapter 10 Day 2

The cart man turns up. I have to pick some magazines. We decide to meet at metro station.
He starts. I start. I cross him and wave. I pick up the magazines and reach metro station. I sit and wait for him at CCD 🙂 The irony.
I get a call and ask why he hasn’t reached. He has reached and is at gate 4. I try and locate gate 4. There’s one on the other side. Across the road. That can’t be!
I ask for pillar number. He’s at 235. He’s at Shadipur. I’m at Patel Nagar metro station. We’re both at metro station. We’re both not at the same metro station! Communication!
In blistering summer heat I reach Shadipur metro station. The cart rim has broken ! I sit guard at the cart. The cart man goes to get the rim repaired. He takes 3 hours! He spends 120/. I dip into the reserve and reimburse. The tubeless tyres are a liability. The tyre rims are of poor quality. We’ll have to replace them. I’ve yet another problem on my hands.

Shadipur is worse than Patel park. We’re on the main road. It’s hell. I smile. Fan myself. Wonder if this is how it’ll be for one year. If it’ll be, it’ll be. Deliver at all costs :/
I cut a bill on a broken cart 🙂

Anyhow the man appears. He has already taken a lunch break. I return home to take one. We decide to try our third location at East Patel Nagar. So I’ll meet him in one hour at East .
One hour later I’m there. At last. We’ve found our place. It’s decent. It’s not very noisy. I’m still on the road though.
My immediate neighbours are a mehendi wallah and 3 ice cream vendors. They’ll be my friends for as long as I’ve to sit at the cart. Maybe one year. We are committed for one year. Cart management is my responsibility.

Also anyone can see what I’m doing. I’m in full public view. There’s no hiding behind.

I wonder how many start ups will do this kind of penance.
They hide behind. They’re not proud enough of their idea. They themselves don’t believe in it.
No doubt it affects my self worth and respect but it’s work and has to be done. Delivered. Period. No excuses accepted.

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