Building a business : The Library On Cart case study : Chapter 15 Last note

Are we capable of making LOC the biggest library of India? If not the world:)

It’s what you believe. If you think you can, you can. Nothing will stop you. No problem. For you think you can build it, you can solve this problem
If you think you can’t you won’t. An x problem will stop you because you’ll think you can’t solve it. An x problem will take you higher because you thought let me try to solve it and you tried and tried and tried to solve it and eventually did.
Either way you’ll be right.
It’s what you believe YOU are capable of.

Will LOC make it big
No idea

Will LOC try
With me at helm ?You bet it will?

Will LOC give up
Not till my last breath

Teams which have the conviction that their idea is good, helps people, make it. They will die to prove it. Since nobody wants to die they’ll think of outlandish, audacious, unimaginable ways, ways beyond the normal like marketing is Wrapd’s earning tool ??

Who has ever thought of earning money through their marketing. Convention is – People spend money on marketing.
Wrapd has 🙂

Teams that make it have conviction, faith, resourcefulness, character, teamwork, dedication to show up everyday, fearlessly make mistakes, shamelessly accept mistakes, yet are so ashamed that they never repeat them, accept they’re imperfect and foolish yet keep moving, are indefatigable, kind and generous to other members but ruthless and merciless with their own self, holding themselves to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and accountability, are transparent……… and have numbers 🙂

Why teams of individually brilliant people don’t make it?
Because team members don’t need to be brilliant but dependable !
Even if one member can’t keep his word the whole was not accountable and honest. You are not dependable. You haven’t made the cut. It’s all about character and not about numbers :0

In the simplest of terms each team member is an ordinary being with extra ordinary dependability. You know they have given their best. They may fail but they didn’t want to fail the team. They tried, tried their best. That’s all it takes to succeed. Just that. Isn’t it amazing! How simple. How difficult.
And the day they lose their faith in the dependability, integrity of the other is the day the team falls apart.

Best of luck team LOC
Best of luck team Wrapd

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