Rental Agreement


Wrapd is a clothing rental platform for men and women.

The rented products are made available for a normal period of three (3)days. On special request, customer can ask for more days depending upon the availability and extra charges.
If the rental time period is exceeded, the customer will be subject to penalties.


Access the customer registration page and provide only true, accurate, complete and updated information. You must enter your email address or contact. You can change the data in your account, at any time.

You assume sole and exclusive responsibility for the confidentiality and security of your account information, especially your password.


All orders are subject to availability. In the absence or difficulty to supply, Wrapd reserves the right to inform you of products with equal style, quality and price. You must confirm the new order or cancel the previous one.

The Wrapd product catalogue is liable to change at any time. The characteristics of the products are as described at the time of the hire. All images found on the site are illustrative. Descriptions of the products do not assure conformity or suitability of a product for an exact purpose, neither must be free of any unintentionally errors.

The products listed in the catalogue are available for delivery to the Below listed Cities only New Delhi , Gurgaon , Noida , Banglore , Pune , Mumbai , Chennai , Surat , Chandigarh , Jaipur , Indore.
For other cities, you can request for the delivery which we can confirm only by consulting our Delivery Partner.

The product pricing is as displayed at the time of the hire. The final price may vary according to the city of delivery, shipping costs and legal taxes.


To proceed with any order you must complete the form and follow the rental process available on the page.

After you place the order, you will receive a confirmation email. However, this may not mean your order is accepted. Only the second email, with expected date of dispatch, product description and price, will ultimately confirm the order.

The customer can make alterations at the dresses after informing us and to such an extent that it should not be damaged in any way otherwise he will have to pay the retail price from the altered outfit.

Orders must be placed at least four weeks in advance, to ensure the availability of the chosen dress at the desired date. However, the customer is able to order up to three (3) business days before the required date. Nevertheless, Wrapd does not ensure that the dress will be available.


The rental agreement between Wrapd and the customer will only be formed when he received the order confirmation email, whether or not Wrapd has already received the payment.


The order can be cancelled up to three (3) days before the date of delivery indicated in the order confirmation email but Customer has to bear the cancellation charges based on date of cancellation and Delivery Date.

If the order cancellation is made before Twenty (20) days of the date of delivery, indicated in the order confirmation email, you will be charged for 25% of the orders value.
If the order cancellation is made within less than Twenty (20) days before the date of delivery, indicated in the order confirmation email, you will be charged for 50% of the orders value.
If the order cancellation is made within less than 2 (2) days before the date of delivery, indicated in the order confirmation email, you will be charged for 100% of the orders value.


If the garments ordered are not available or are not delivered within the requested time, Wrapd will inform you and suggest an alternative style in the same quality . In this case, the customer can accept the suggestion, make a new request, or cancel the previous one. No extra money will be charged in this special scenario.


Prices (with VAT) include delivery and shipping costs. They are per unit and may vary depending on the type, model and label. The price of the required garment can be seen on the dress detail page. Wrapd may change prices with no impact on confirmed orders.

You are responsible for loss, destruction or damage to the garments, such as theft, fire, major stains or any other cause, other than minor damages. Please understand that if the dress is returned with any kind of these irreversible damages, you must pay the full retail price according to our price list.

Under no circumstances are customers to attempt to clean any Garments themselves.


You only have to pay the booking price i.e 50% of the rent during the online order rest 50% of rent plus Security Deposit and shipping charges will be taken by our delivery partner on delivery
The invoice will be emailed during the dispatch of the order.

Wrapd will verify the address and credibility of the order.


In conformity with the obligations under these Terms of Use, and as guarantee, Wrapd will be take refundable deposit which will equal to three (3) the rent of the outfit .
This deposit will be credited into your account within 3-5 days of return . Our Executive will contact you regarding the account details for deposit transfer.


After payment confirmation and availability of the required dress, the dispatch of the order will be completed up to forty-eight (48) hours before the delivery date you selected.

Payment detail, such as time, cost and conditions of delivery depend on the type of payment you selected.

If you are not at the address of delivery on the requested day, you will have to contact Wrapd to arrange a new delivery date. That may increase additional shipping costs. If you do not contact Wrapd within forty-eight (48) hours from the attempted delivery, Wrapd will consider your order cancelled. You will be charged of the total service value without any kind of refund.


Wrapd will send you a delivery partner who will pick up the dress and dispatch to our location. After complete verification of the outfit, you will get your refundable security deposit

The garments returned should be:
– In perfect condition without any irreversible damages.
– In the same condition they were delivered with the respective hangers, boxes, or other goods.
You are the sole responsible for any damage the products can suffer. In accordance to that, you have the legal obligation to make a prudent use of the products, while they are in your possession.

If you fail to this obligation, we have the right of action against you for compensation.


In case you fail to return the products on time, you shall immediately inform Wrapd via email ( If such happens, you are liable to pay the following penalties:
– For every day your return is late you will be charged a late fee (15% of the rent);
– If after the five (5) first days of the established return date the products have not been returned, legal consequences will be handled. Subsequently, you will be charged for full security deposit;
– If the products are not delivered one time on the settled date, your account may be suspended or canceled.
– If the products are returned with irreversible damage, you will be charged for full security deposit