bridal lehnga on rent

Bridal lehenga shopping is the most important part of the wedding planning. You may be a fashion connoisseur with a specific taste and sense of style, or the one who goes weak on knees for Zari. If you are perplexed with the choice of options available for you, then we have got you covered with the tips and tricks to get the right bridal lehenga on rent. We must first address the elephant in the room, why buy lehenga on rent? Firstly, renting helps you save money, you can save some bucks by not spending extravagantly on a dress merely. Enjoy your special day without feeling guilty about the expenses that could have been avoided. Here are a few tips you must keep in mind before getting that gorgeous lehenga on rent for your D-day:

    • It’s all in the print – The terms and conditions must be clear to you before you zero in on any wedding couture. This might seem like a task, but a little care prior to making any deal will save you from any mishaps later. The terms must clearly mention the delivery process, online portal or retail whichever option it maybe the pickup and drop instructions must be mentioned clearly. The terms and conditions must also clearly define the duration for rent. The rental companies usually have a fixed duration allotted as the rent tenure. Ask the duration clearly.
    • The perfect fit can make it a miss or a hit – It is an impeccably important piece of outfit and companies must have local retail shop to help you get it fitted as per your choice. Draping the outfit is a whole different story, and demands expert supervision. Ensure you have gotten all the bridal fitting sessions being taken care of prior the nuptials.
    • Hygiene is equally important – Before you sign up for the wedding lehenga on rent, you must assess their cleaning process. Check and enquire if the outfits have been treated well. The clothes must be disinfected before they reach you. Assess the condition of the outfit well for any tears, burns, or any other handling issue.

Keeping in mind the necessary pointers you will be able to zero in the right lehenga rental arrangement for you. But keep in mind, everything is being done so that you feel special, extravagant, and everything good on your special day. So dazzle that effervescent smile of yours, wear your beautiful outfit and rule the day.

Nothing can beat the bliss we feel when we happen to get a wedding invite, right? Weddings are all about celebration, fun, and also a perfect time to put on your best dress to nail your look at the event. How can forget to mention the slap of confusions and dilemma when it comes to choosing what to wear? You can always seek help or guidance from a friend but that is not always a case. So to make it easy for you, we have well-curated 5 trends that you can follow to flaunt your glam side…


  1. A Printed Crepe Kurta with Palazzo: Since palazzos are in trend, you can nail your look without compromising with comfort. You can wear a printed crepe kurta in a bright and vibrant color pair it with a palazzo and voila! You are ready to slay your look at the wedding. Palazzo doesn’t restrict one from dancing all night long and also, their breathable fabric will keep you away from sweat and irritation. You can choose colors such as blue, pink, or crème-ish shade.
  2. Floral Ethnic Set: Imagine a sheer fabric kurta that has a floral print on it and pair it with a crushed fabric maxi dress or a long ethnic skirt that has a golden hem. The sheer fabric brings an elegant look that will draw everyone’s eye to you. Such an outfit will keep you fresh and upbeat in the summer heat.
  3. Put on an Embroidered Pink Kurta: You can put on cotton blended sequin embroidered kurta with a palazzo and put on a mesh dupatta. Imagine such a suit in a pastel color. A perfect dress to wear it to a summer wedding party. This particular dress-up can be preferred by those who don’t like too much of fancy or flashy clothes for a summer wedding.
  4. Afghani Suit: For Men! In case you are looking forward to flaunting your biceps for you have worked so hard at the gym and wearing a suit might hide them and also can increase the body heat. Well, an Afghani suit can be just the right thing as it is trendy and comfortable and you can easily show off your biceps. Feel free to experiment with different shades and colors and drape a dupatta for an ethnic effect.
  5. Designer Kurta Pajama: Also for men! Since you don’t want to upstage your friend (the groom) nor you would like to be drenched in sweat, so ditching a heavy worked sherwani will be a wise decision. Prefer wearing a designer cotton based kurta with a pajama and voila! You are ready to go and enjoy your best-friend’s wedding day. Play around with different colors and put on some shades if it’s a day wedding.

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